Deceptive CNN poll
At the height of public interest in impeaching Obama during the summer of 2014, CNN ran a poll that falsely claimed two-thirds of Americans oppose impeachment. The poll created a "media-generated myth" that has been widely circulated ever since.

CNN's false claim was based on demonstrably flawed data meant purposely (it would appear) to defuse the growing grassroots impeachment drive at the time.

Given the favorable response to this bogus poll by both political parties and the media, the poll seemed to work. It had the effect of shutting down nearly all serious talk of impeachment from that point on, even in the conservative media.

Obviously, if two-thirds of the country are opposed to impeaching Obama, there is little point in pursuing it.

Just days before the CNN poll was conducted, however, the Huffington Post released its own impeachment poll – a more reliable measurement that showed an overwhelming majority of Americans DO NOT OPPOSE IMPEACHMENT.

According to the HuffPost poll, 44 percent opposed impeachment, 33 percent supported it, and 21 were unopposed – for a total of 56 percent either supporting impeachment or having no firm opposition to it.

(We should add that a large proportion of the 21 percent reported as "unopposed" would likely now support impeachment – since Obama has continued to push his lawless agenda without letting up, even announcing he will go further than before.)

In any case, there's no reliable data showing that two-thirds of the public oppose impeaching the lawless inhabitant of the White House, and there never was. The clever CNN poll was merely an attempt to counter the HuffPost poll with false methods and false data, and it arrived at its exaggerated number by counting those who had no strong opinion on impeachment as firmly opposing it. If you take the 44 percent HuffPost found to be opposed to impeachment and add the 21 percent it found unopposed ("not sure"), you get exactly the 65 percent CNN reported as firmly "opposed."

That's sheer deception on the part of CNN, and the poll should be discarded. (For a detailed analysis of the two polls, see "A path to impeachment," by RenewAmerica president Stephen Stone.)

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