Stop Obama!—letís do our part
The Constitution of the United States provides only one way to stop a lawless president—IMPEACHMENT:
Impeachment is America's last remaining hope of blocking the dictatorial, unconstitutional actions of the usurper in the White House, Barack Hussein Obama—along with Vice President Biden and other accomplices. And the window for doing so is fast closing on us.

Obama has said he will use his last year to complete his plan to impose his will on America – including gun control. Allowing him to do so UNIMPEDED, as he has been allowed to do for seven years, will set a precedent of executive overreach for his successors that will likely prove fatal to our republic! We can't let that happen! Obama must be STOPPED FROM DOING FURTHER DAMAGE before he leaves office, if our nation is to continue in fundamental liberty!

It's obvious we can't rely on timid, impotent GOP leadership to do anything to stop this out-of-control usurper. It's therefore up to WE THE PEOPLE to DEMAND that Congress initiate impeachment proceedings in the House of Representatives, followed by conviction in the Senate.

It is our DUTY as Americans, while we still can, to expose the treasonous, corrupt, criminal behavior of Barack Obama and others in his administration through pressing for wide-open INVESTIGATION that is the crux of the impeachment processand then pressure our representatives to follow up with a fair and competent trial, and a just outcome.

Once Obama is fully exposed by impeachment, with its unmatched investigative powers, most Americans will agree that he must go, and will want the Senate to remove him!

Take action

Do your part to make sure Obama is impeached and removed by contacting your representatives in the House and Senate, and demanding it.
at 202-224-3121
In plain – but polite – language, demand impeachment
and give a reason or two why.
IN ADDITION, contact your congressmen and senators DIRECTLY
using the contact information HERE.
Tell them to have the courage to do the right thing for America –
by honoring their oath to defend the Constitution
from all enemies, foreign and domestic!
It's up to THE AMERICAN PEOPLE to bring this outcome about! That would be everyone of us – and everyone in our SOCIAL NETWORK. Send every contact you know to this website, and encourage them to get involved!
And please sign our VOTER PLEDGE TO IMPEACH.
Hear what patriotic Americans are saying:

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In the meantime, you can initiate your own impeachment efforts by going to our Take Action page. There, you will find resources to help you make a difference in impeaching the president.

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Don't be fooled by CNN's impeachment poll

In July 2014, CNN published an influential poll that single-handedly defused the growing movement to impeach Obama. Click here to see how this clever poll deceived the public and the media.

Don't be fooled by self-defeatism

The best way to avoid being deceived or discouraged by skeptics of impeachment is to INFORM YOURSELF.

See our Case for Impeachment, and also visit our News & Commentary page, to read up on the subject of impeaching Obama – so you can better defend your view that impeachment is urgently needed, and persuade others to join in demanding this constitutional remedy.
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